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Our Team


Meet our team of world-class facilitators, consultants and coaches. Alone we are powerful but together we are limitless.



NAME: Sarah Williams, Founder


Sarah Williams is the founder of Leading Culture, which she formed in August 2019 following 10 years as Director and CEO of Team One International. Sarah has hand-picked a team of world class facilitators, coaches and consultants who’s passion towards people, cultures and organisations rivals her own!


As a culture, change and leadership development specialist, Sarah’s extensive international consulting career has led to her working with clients in the finance, manufacturing, education, retail, construction, primary industry, government, NFP, health, travel, hospitality and fashion sectors. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Business in Management and Finance, she is also Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, an accredited Coaching Clinic® facilitator and contributor to the book “Options: Perception and Deception”.

Over the past 20 years, her unique approach combines a strong foundation in business management with a passion to streamline processes, increase efficiency, effectiveness and sales growth through robust people development strategies. Her customised training, facilitating and coaching solutions have enabled success with hundreds of clients including a client who turned their business around from insolvency to sales growth of over seven figures.


Sarah is fascinated by the limitless potential in human beings and her own learning journey ensures she has a breadth and depth of knowledge that is unrivalled and remains at the cutting edge of international research. This not only demonstrates her passion for learning but also her dedication to developing prominent and thought provoking solutions to her clients.


Sarah is very happily married to Darran and they have two amazing daughters. In her ‘spare’ time she enjoys dancing, yoga, pilates and living life to the fullest.


NAME: Declan Scott


Declan is a qualified Chartered Accountant from Ireland who is passionate about business and its its role in building as an active community member. His programmes focus on building awareness, stress mastery, emotional and spiritual intelligence as well as cognitive training. As a recognised leadership trainer and conference presenter, his key message is the imperative to integrate physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual resilience.


Declan has a diverse business background  including being an international tax advisor, University lecturer, Founder of a boutique chocolate company, restaurateur, leadership consultant and double decker bus driver and started his career smuggling on the border of Northern Ireland. Since 2015, Declan has run corporate resilience programmes around the world as part of The Resilience Institute team. He spends most of his time training executives and professionals in the application of practical resilience. He works with both groups and individuals, helping them develop and refine the personal disciplines of success. He has a keen interest in developing leadership teams through the application of emotional and spiritual intelligence to support culture.


Declan is married with three children and is based in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Jen. In 2015 he founded The Spirited Business Network to support people  in business to bridge the world of spirituality and business. He convenes seminars and workshops on a variety of topics with local and international speakers and hosts a podcast called Living Spirit.


NAME: Fraser Buchanan


Fraser Buchanan holds a Masters degree in Management (HRM) and has over 30 years local and international experience across a range of sectors. These include Advertising and Media, Broadcast, Education, Financial Services, Governmental, Health, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Not-for-Profit and the Service sectors. He has held key leadership roles.

As an experienced practitioner, Fraser brings a range of real world experience to the table, including

  • Strong people skills, with ability to develop effective relationships with both internal and external clients
  • Organisational development
  • Change management and change readiness
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Design thinking and methodologies
  • Executive coaching
  • Extensive learning and development experience particularly in Management and Leadership development
  • Facilitation/ group processes expertise
  • High performing team development
  • Experience operating at executive level
  • Leadership as practice


With experience in change management ranging from large scale redesign to small scale culture change at a team level, one of the greatest insights has been that people do not actively resist change per se – they resist being changed! The difference in terms of mindset is significant and therefore, through creating an understanding of what it is and how we can reframe and grow from it, is key to successful transitioning. What we do is work to create a curiosity, where people are ‘drawn to’ a future state, rather than their perception of being ‘pushed to’ an uncertain future! In essence, change starts on the inside and works its way out, so successful shifts need to focus both at the individual and on the wider systemic levels simultaneously for the changes to be deeply embedded and the new ‘normalised!


NAME: Nikki Hommes


Nikki is a qualified Facilitator and Trainer. Facilitation & Training including analysis, design, development, assessment & facilitation.

After moving to New Zealand 13 years ago Nikki completed a Neuro-Linguistic Practioner Certification in 2007 & 2014 and uses many facets throughout her training & coaching.

In 2007/08 & 09, Nikki did Coach Training offered by Results Coaching Systems, now Neuro-Leadership Group, and is qualified as a Life, Workplace and Executive Coach.


In 2015 Nikki qualified as a Flow Consultant for both Wealth & Talent Dynamics, she is also certified to do Talent Dynamic Youth Profiles and the Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) 360 profiles.



Nikki has coached in the following contexts:

  • Leadership Development Programme Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in New Zealand (MAF)
  • Coaching on the Executive Leadership Programme at ASB
  • Coach Training within corporates e.g. AIG Insurance (assistant)
  • Management Development Programme Coach Support – DTR
  • Coaching Transition Management at Ruby NZ, PharmaCare, Fonterra, Tower Insurance, ANZ, BNZ & Canteen
  • Coaching – Various departments within Noel Leeming Group, Bendon, Foodstuffs
  • Windsor Park Baptist Church Staff Team
  • Shore Community Church Staff Team
  • Private Life Coaching (Individual)
  • Youth Coaching – various contexts, parent initiatives, schools, private


Other: Social Responsibility & Interests

  • Trustee – Shore Community Trust
  • 24/7 Youth Worker Team Leader
  • Mentor – Heart for Youth
  • Boy Scouts evening activity events
  • Reader, writer and supervisor – NCEA Exams

NAME: Hugh McGahan


Hugh’s experience spans across the sports & business community with expertise in both worlds. His sporting prowess is well documented in the annuls of Rugby League history, representing New Zealand from 1982 -1990 and captained in 17 of his 32 test matches. Voted the World’s Best Player in 1988 he was awarded the Adidas Golden Boot. He played professionally in Sydney from 1985 -1991 with the Eastern Suburbs Club and after retiring went on to become a Director of both the Leagues Club and Football Club for 4 years. He was awarded an MBE in 1990 for services to rugby league.


His leadership is unsurpassed in rugby league and he has been able to traverse this into business to successfully become a sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator of both personal and leadership development programmes.


Hugh is married to Julia and has 3 boys of whom he is extremely proud. It was once written, “Champion player, Champion bloke” and this term epitomises his character.

Ready to change your culture? Let’s do this!