Leading Culture - Virtual Training for your business
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Virtual Training

Virtual Facilitation

Virtual Facilitation

Facilitation in the virtual realm requires a different set of skills than when facilitating face to face.


You have to engage with the audience differently, pick up on different queues to gauge the tone and engagement (often referred to as body language in bandwidth), know how to work with a camera and so much more.


So if your team of trainers and facilitators haven’t had any experience running virtual training, don’t risk the success of the event. Let our virtual facilitators and producers take care of keeping people engaged and ensuring they gain the competencies you need them to.

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building

It might be a cheezy one-liner but it’s still true! Team work does make the Dream work.


If your team finds themselves having to work remotely it is important that you ensure they are still able to build and grow relationships with their colleagues. Research tells us that this leads to better collaboration, higher levels of productivity, reduces staff turnover and improves quality.


“But we’re in isolation. We can’t go ten-pin bowling or white water rafting.”


We hear you. We’ve been creating virtual team building activities for years and so chances are we will have a few that will suit your team.

And if you’re after something extra special, we can design one specifically for your team, the challenges they face and the obstacles they are overcoming.

Virtual Conference or Training - Done for You

Virtual Conference or Training – Done for You

Our team will take care of everything.


After a short briefing meeting we will:

  • Recommend the best software solution for your needs (in house if possible) and set up your event on the platform
  • Work with keynote speakers and/or existing training material to rework for the virtual environment
  • Provide additional material if needed (networking and group activities)
  • Design communication strategy including pre-registration and any pre work required
  • Brief speakers and/or facilitators on functionality of the platform
  • Work with IT to ensure smooth running of the event


Prior to and during your event we will:

  • Test the platform extensively
  • Provide support for the event
  • Run all the technical aspects of the platform


We have access to many great online learning and communication tools and environments. We have no doubt we will be able to design and deliver the perfect solution to suit your needs.

Virtual Conference or Training - Done With You

Virtual Conference or Training – Done With You

We understand. You want to do the smart thing and pivot your face to face event to a virtual one but you know just how much work is involved in doing that and you’re not sure you can get it done in the required time and with the amount of resources you have available to you.


Think of us as your trustee side-kicks. We’ll be the Bonnie to your Clyde, the Thelma to your Louise the…..oh you get the idea.


Here’s how we can help:

  • We can sort the technical aspects while you focus on the content, or vice versa
  • We can be the virtual assistants and event administrators and do everything from monitoring chat to running technical features
  • We can MC or facilitate your virtual event
  • We can design the activities (we know what works in this environment and what won’t)
  • And so much more!

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