Leading Culture - What we do for business cultures
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What We Do

Culture Audits

A comprehensive assessment of your organisations culture. We collect quantitative and qualitative data and culture observations to compile a full report and recommendations on your organisations culture. Culture can be very hard to observe when you are immersed in it.

Let us provide you with a fresh perspective!

Culture Transformations

We work with leadership teams to define the required culture and the associated beliefs, attitudes and behaviours the people in this desired future state will display.

Once this is defined, we develop a roadmap for the transformation which may include refocusing the hearts and minds of each staff member, operational policies and procedures and leadership.

We support the organisation through the transformation journey offering expertise, experience and a robust process.

Leadership Development

With over 20 years experience, we know a thing or two about leadership development!

We work with organisations to understand the needs and then design and deliver a fit for purpose leadership programme.

Programmes can be anything from 1 day to 3+ years and participants consistently rate them very highly.

Team Development

Want a high performing team? Or are you forming new teams? We can help.

We combine our knowledge from the world of sports with business to produce highly effective team development activities, events and training.

Innovation Culture Transformation

Cultures that create, cultures that innovate


What is Innovation?

Innovation can mean different things to different people, but we think innovation is best described as

“a process whereby great ideas are executed well for significant benefit or gain”.

Innovation is inherently a social process. Therefore, it is the people in organisations that innovate not the organisations themselves.


We revolutionise how organisations innovate by transforming their culture.


We help Boards, Executives, Teams and Individuals in organisations realize their full innovation potential.


We’ll help you build a culture where people:

  • Continuously embrace change
  • Act like entrepreneurs
  • Unlock their creativity to generate new ideas
  • Drive growth from new products and services
  • Embrace the future
  • Welcome uncertainty and disruption

We know that organisations struggle with sustaining innovation over the long term and the reasons for this are many and complex, strategy, structure, leadership and commercial context all play their part but by far the biggest impact influence on organisational innovation is culture.


Team Programmes

Team Programmes

Proven training solutions with achievable and documented results.

Case Studies / Success Stories

Case Studies / Success Stories

Organisational Culture Change – Values at Work – Health and Safety and more